I always thought that life was simple. I was young and naive, a combination that will do more harm than good. They say ignorance is a bliss but I beg to differ, that’s what got me here in the first place. I learned that the only way to survive this cruel world is to open up your eyes to the sad reality that is you, put up walls and turn your heart into stone.

I used to give a part of myself to every single person I ever encounter. I had always hope that I could turn their bitter memories and painful emotions into something so serene, so beautiful, that they would somehow see the brighter things in life. Boy was I wrong…

I learned that the more you fight back, the more the world breaks you. You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. You can’t give them the world when you don’t have it. I was in my own make believed world where rainbows and butterflies exist, unconsciouly knowing that the more I try, the more they try to hurt me.

But I was too far gone, and no one was willing to break down their walls to save me. Why would they? They can’t even save their own selves. So… this is me, telling you how I gave a piece of myself only to realize that I was slowly losing me. Now, here I am… a sad, broken soul made of bad decisions and empty emotions.

And maybe, just maybe, someone can be like her.


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