Shattered Glass

How long has it been? Two years? Three? I can’t remember. What I do remember is seeing you smiling, running around the park without a care in the world. I miss that… I miss you. Don’t worry, though. I know she’s still you.

Hey… do you remember the promise I made? I told you I’d always be there for you, can you remember now? It’s still true, I’m still here. I’m patiently waiting for you, like the good ol’ days. Remember when you were three hours late because you fell asleep while making coffee? I was annoyed at you but forgot all about it when I saw you running with your shirt inside-out. You were always running, you said you like running because you couldn’t focus on your thoughts, and that made you okay for awhile. I should’ve known, though… I knew.. I should’ve stopped you and told you it’s okay, that you can stop running away because I’ll walk beside you… I should’ve, I would’ve, I could’ve.

But you felt like you had to do it, didn’t you? You told me the world is out to get you and all you can do is run away… because they’re too strong, too many, and too scary. Even when I told you it’ll get better, it didn’t… but I tried, I really did. I tried to keep the fire burning for as long as I can, even when it meant burning myself in the process.

But it’s too late now… your demons were far too strong, and I was just me. They comforted you, feeding your misery. I tried to fight, even when you gave up, but it wasn’t enough. Don’t worry about me, though. You did enough. You’re okay now, and that’s all that matters. I hope you dream of a place where all your hopes and dreams come true, and your demons kept at bay. And maybe someday, when your demons have finally caught up with me, I’ll be with you again.


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