This is it. The day you’ve been waiting for.

Pink and white roses everywhere, the white sheer fabrics complemented by the fairy lights and candles illuminating the place. Perfect, that’s what you thought. You spend a month working on all the bits and pieces, making sure everything was perfect.

A smile creeps upon your face as you saw a familiar figure walking towards you. Offering his hand, you accept it without hesitation as he leads you to the center. You wrap your arms around him as he placed both of his hands on waist.

“You look beautiful,” he smiled as took in his surrounding. “I can say that this is your best work so far.”

Nodding your head, you sighed as you remembered the memories made in this very park. “Do you remember the promise you made when we were kids?” He nodded, smiling as he started reminiscing, “You said you were going to marry your dream girl here, and it came true.”

“Yes,” he replied with a sad smile. “It did.”

We both knew what he meant. I’ve always loved him ever since we were little kids. He was my knight-in-shining-armor and I was always his damsel-in-distress. Even when we were growing up, he would always be there whenever I needed him. He was everything I would have asked for and more.

But it’s funny how life works. We were alike yet we were the exact contrast of each other. She was brave, independent, and elegant; she was everything that I was not. The very same day I was planning to confess my feelings for him was the day he fell in love. I took him to this park, and while boosting up confidence, he saw her. The smile I always loved was on his face, except there was something different. The look on his eyes was familiar… it was the same loving look on my face whenever I look at him.

Placing my head on his chest, I listened to his heartbeat that always seems to calm me down. Snapping back to reality, I saw her smiling at us. I can’t pretend to be her nor can I replace her. He was right, this was my best work. I’ve always pictured how our wedding would be, and this is exactly what I imagined it would be. The only difference is that, in reality, you weren’t his happily-ever-after.

As the music slowly fades, I gave him a last hug. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” He broke the hug off and smiled at me. He wasn’t lying, he always did love me as a sister. As much as it hurt, I accepted it. For I would rather he love me as a sister than didn’t at all.

“Your bride is waiting,” I said as I handed him to her, smiling at the both of the. I walked towards the tree where I first met him.

I walked towards the tree where I first met him. This is where it started, and this is where it’ll end. As I watch from afar, I saw my best friend at his happiest. It didn’t matter whether I was hurting or not, for I’ll do anything just to see him happy; even if his happiness doesn’t include me.

I really like the word “Silakbo” 🙂


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