The Sleepless


If you know me, you’d know that I usually don’t sleep when I need to do something early in the morning. Hence, my sleep-deprived self thought it would be a great idea to post a new blog post at 6:32 in the freaking morning. Since I can’t think of a good topic to write about, I’ve decided to just tell you about my day.

I was up all night the day before because I had to clean the apartment. Ever since our neighbors moved in, we’ve had a lot of bugs swarming in and out of the house. This is why I decided to go to the groceries to buy some pesticide because I hate bugs. However, yesterday’s traffic was far more infuriating than normal, and getting to and back from the groceries would be a hassle. Because I knew I would fall asleep in an instant, I thought of some cool DJ names for my boyfriend while I was on my way to school.

I went to San Beda to get my form so I could transfer schools. I saw a lot of my former schoolmates that made me miss the stress of a college student’s life. Days before my scheduled trip, I talked to AJ and we decided to meet up yesterday so he could return my vape. While waiting for AJ, I met up with Dean whose birthday was yesterday. I treated him lunch because that’s what broke friends do.

Because I couldn’t go to the market, I went home and slept for about an hour or so while waiting for Mark. I needed help moving some things around the house and he was kind enough to do it. Keith had errands to do so he couldn’t really help me. I told him to just stay home and rest. However, he actually arrived at my house an hour after we were through. We ended up eating kebabs and shawarmas after watching the new episode of Adventure Time.

I learned five new different things about me yesterday:

  • My patience isn’t as short as it was before.
  • The guards at school trust me enough to let me in without having the need to show my identification card.
  • I am lazy enough to not get the money that was on the floor.
  • I like annoying my boyfriend when he’s sleeping, driving, and cooking.
  • I can’t stay mad at my boyfriend for more than a few hours.

Oh, and I take naps like a muh-fuh-king boss.


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