She smiled to herself as she sat on the cold pavement. She didn’t care what anyone thought of her, she was happy being herself. She had always thought that this world is too cruel for the weak and that the only people that survive are the evil ones and the lost souls like her. She never thought that lost souls like her are the ones that keep this world in checked.

He always believed that good and bad doesn’t exist; It is just a concept made by society. If you think it, the world is just a huge gray area. You can do anything you want, be anyone you want to be, yet we can’t. We’re following a set of rules made by people whose beliefs are different from yours, and, somehow, we find that okay.

The thing is, we can never really tell for ourselves until we experience it. If there’s really a way to find out then life would be easy – it shouldn’t be. We are made to go through a series of tests or problems to shape us into the people we really are. The way of life is such a complex contradiction. Although we – the human race – make our own choices and our own paths, life has a funny way of leading us into the direction we’re supposed to go.


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