Last December 2015, I went to Hong Kong with my family to visit my grandfather. The only other country I’ve ever been to aside from the Philippines is Hong Kong. I went there for my birthday with my mom but never really got the chance to explore Hong Kong because my mom loves shopping. Also, the fact that I was still a kid going through puberty made me stay in the condo all day. Oh, regrets.

Anyway, I didn’t actually get to explore Hong Kong the way I’d want to explore it (That’s what she said), and by that I meant: I’d rather not go to some other place and be a normal tourist. However, I actually went to some of their tourist spots and I did enjoy being a tourist with my family.

If there’s one thing I hate about traveling, it’s actually having the need to ride an airplane. I think it’s probably because NAIA sucks, and that my luck with delayed flights is always 100% on point. The first photo was from my sister’s Snapchat, and yes, that’s me in zombie form trying to be human again with my coffee. Clearly, that didn’t work because I still look like shit on the second photo.

68468_844412259009731_5634761459832485710_nBye, Manila!

Hong Kong is actually quite near the Philippines so the flight was bearable. It was almost like all the passengers were like us; Families going on a Christmas vacation and their children going through puberty, which made me glad that I was done with that! LOL.

1484234_844412465676377_4559542406627433099_nMy sister’s snap because, c’mon, kicks.

When we finally landed, my grandfather picked us up at the Hong Kong International Airport. I was really grumpy because I didn’t get to sleep… Actually, I honestly can’t sleep whenever I’m going somewhere; I get too excited. Anyway, my grandfather gave us money for the bus so we could go to our apartel. If you’re not exactly sure what an apartel is, it’s an apartment you can rent out like a hotel. I’m not exactly sure if there’s a proper word for this, so do tell me if there is.

10622716_845270618923895_2785964213317500691_nYay, money!

When we were all settled, the first thing we did was – yup, you guessed it – shopping. I’m not exactly a fan of shopping because I honestly hate walking around for ages, but I’m still a girl so I have my moments, and I was clearly in the mood for shopping. After we’re done, we ate at some restaurant that serves some kick-ass ramen. I actually forgot what the place is called but I’ll look it up and put it here because IT. IS. BOMB! Plus, the serving’s huge that you can actually order one ramen and feed two people.

My grandparents and my baby brother decided to go home because they were all tired. My mom, however, wasn’t so we decided to go to the night market. Keep in mind that Hong Kong is quite famous for this kind of things, so you can actually just look around and find a street full of vendors selling all kinds of things. Tip: If you’re a cheapskate like me, don’t be fooled by their cheap price and just haggle. If you’re a foreigner, they would most likely sell you something for like triple the original price. I’m half Chinese so they didn’t try anything with me and my sister but they mistook my mom for a foreigner and actually did that. It was crazy haha!

10401107_845270702257220_7745310515349924834_nTrying to be a tour guide even though I suck at directions. Hahaha!

On our second day, we went to Ocean Park because my baby brother really LOVES sea creatures. I have a love-hate relationship with anything involving water so I wasn’t as happy as my brother. Hahaha! Anyway, I did have fun after a while because I was with my family so all’s good.

Ocean Park is huge but I think you can actually explore it in one day. Here’s a funny story about how I actually found that out the hard way: My sister and I can’t stay in one place, so our family decided to let us go and have fun on our own. Now, after riding all the crazy rides available, we went off looking for our family. We saw our parents with my little brother while on our way to our supposedly meet up place. They were actually looking for my grandparents because they were missing and they weren’t answering their phones. Me being the nervous little shit that I am decided to look for my grandparents.

535139_845272935590330_5571305634089805854_nThis is me thinking about my life choices.

My sister stayed with them while I went off. Okay, so Ocean Park is huge, right? There are basically two islands, to get to the other island, you have to take the cable car or the train. The island we were on was fairly huge, and my grandparents were nowhere in sight. At this point, my legs were giving up on me and I was hungry as fuck. Side note: I didn’t actually eat because my family ordered peking duck and I can’t eat that shit for whatever shitty reason my tummy decided to make. Going back, the only possible reason why I couldn’t find my grandparents on that island is that they were probably on the other island. So, I actually took the cable car to look for my grandparents. When I couldn’t find them there, I decided to go back and just rest because I honestly felt like I was dying at that time. To make things short, when I got back, the sea lion show ended at the same time. Guess what? My grandparents were actually there the whole time! They were enjoying the show so much that they didn’t even bother checking their phones. *facepalm* I was just glad that they were okay even though I injured my knees because of it.

1456007_845271775590446_7019710465509158647_nHere I am trying to play with the fishhies… yes, I said fishhies.

1931507_845271225590501_9066259978906654001_nI am obsessed with pandas so you don’t know how happy I am that I actually got to see one in person. My spirit animal~

1491767_845272448923712_618417077068106000_nHere I am trying to be happy even though I was already injured at that point. Keep in mind that I was a former athlete so the whole thing was really whacked… and yes, I am holding that eggplant with a perverted smile on my face.

That night, I actually just bought sushi at the local grocery store near our apartment because I didn’t want to walk again. Moving on, on our second day we went to Disneyland because who doesn’t love capitalism? Kidding! I love Disneyland, okay?

993578_845269495590674_1668009955596532716_nTrying to calm myself in order not to kill those couples making out in front of the kids.

The last time I went to Disneyland, it was raining hard so they were some rides I couldn’t actually get onto. So, being the adult I’m clearly not, I decided to go on ALL the rides with my sister. I’m actually the type who doesn’t feel any hunger if I’m having too much fun, so when we were only 1/4 away from riding everything, my sister decided to actually be human and eat.

10271498_844405452343745_7168846611434582777_nMe sulking when my sister said she was tired and hungry.

10410806_845268738924083_430385106777922306_nIf you haven’t realized it yet, I’m a huge Star Wars fan.

I’m a huge fan of Peter Pan, especially because that’s my all-time favorite Disney movie ever. So when I got to meet Tinkerbell again for the second time, I told everyone that I’m going to replace her. LOL. Before you start grilling me, everyone actually told me I can’t be Tinkberbell because I’m such a bitch. Thanks, Dad!

12376696_845269122257378_6920696437605344898_nBefore I actually told anyone about my plan. *evil grin*

Of course, Disneyland wouldn’t be as amazing as it is without their fireworks, right? To be honest, I was quite disappointed since you couldn’t actually see the show because of the smog. *coughPOLLUTIONcough* I actually told my baby brother that when I was a kid, it used to be way more awesome than it is now.

Yay, smog?

We also went to Victoria Peak but I can’t remember which day. Anyway, it was honestly cold as fuck that I didn’t actually enjoy it. Hahaha! I, however, did like the fact that I actually got to eat a burger there because Chinese food is too mainstream when you’re in Hong Kong. Again, sorry for being the shitty little shit that I am. You can actually look at the wax museum but we opted not to so we decided to just look around and buy souvenirs for everyone.

8257_844404812343809_6968492782685651006_nThis is why I’m fat… and why you shouldn’t disturb me when I’m eating. *trying to look pissed but ended up looking like a pissed child*

On another note, people there can be rude as fudge if they want to. I mean, we all have assholes everywhere but you get my point. I, for one, hated how couples can actually make out (and by make out I meant eat each other’s faces, touching in public, etc.) without a care in the world. They wouldn’t really care if they stepped on you or if you say excuse me and such, so be patient and just try to understand that not everyone can be courteous.

Perfect representation of how I felt when I was still trying to be nice and when I actually gave up.

This is me giving up after finding out our flight got delayed.

Overall, it was such an enjoyable experience especially since I was with my family. Again, I am totally not helpful because, well, I’m me. Soooo, if you’re planning on visiting HK then I hope you have fun!


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